Monday, December 7, 2009


The blessed day which our blessed Laura R was born is coming upon us. She decided it was going to take an entire week to celebrate this magical day to its fullest. And so the festivities began! Day one took place last night, Sunday December 6. It began with a few glasses of the bubbly and just continued to get better with every passing minute. After ward prayer, Lindsay, Laura, Megan, and myself (Kelsey) were sitting in the apartment searching for something to do when Laura insisted we celebrate her birthday for an entire week. So we broke out a bottle of sparkling cider and began the festivities. We made several toasts to Laura R. And then endeavored on a 30 minute long photo shoot. Apparently we were pretty loud because the next thing that happened surprised us all. There was a knock on the door and we shouted for them to walk in but the strange visitor would not enter. So i went over to the door and opened it to see a strange man standing in the doorway. I stood back and he half entered. He stared at me and leaned against the doorway- crossing his legs at the ankles. He then proceeded with this speech. He said, " And" It appeared as if that was all he had prepared because he then continued staring. Attempting-i assume- to make us feel guilty. We were not that loud. i know this for a fact. there have been nights where we have been much louder and no one said anything. But oh well. We apologized and he left. We quieted down just to ensure that he wouldn't come up and rape us in the middle of the night. Ha kidding. Needless to say, he made it up on our quote board. We then continued with our photo shoot. A few pictures later, Laura suggested we play Truth or Dare. The. Most. Genius. Idea. Ever! Haha none of us had played truth or dare since middle school or earlier! So we parked ourselves on the couch and proceeded to play truth or dare. Laura was a woosie and vowed she would not participate if we gave her a dare. However, her demands were worthless. We made her do it anyways :) It came upon her turn and i dared her to lay between her two mattresses. Which she did! It wasnt the most riskay dare but it was hilarious! Megan was dared several times to take her top off. Which she did. Lindsay had to run outside barefoot in the snow and i got the lovely pleasure of giving Laura a lap dance. My choices were do something topless or that. I chose that. During my dance, Laura just closed her eyes and screamed "I don't like this! I don't like this!!" Hahaha well at least we know Laura is not a Lesbian! Haha Maybe she didnt enjoy it partly due to the fact that i have no idea how to lap dance. Hmmm i guess we'll never know... But all in all, not a bad night! Not a bad night at all :) Hahaha

Monday, November 9, 2009

the day we met.

Hello. My name is Megan. I live with four other girls named Celeste, Kelsey, Lindsay, and Laura. We are roommates. They do not like to post on our blog, so I do. Just kidding. I'm sure they would if they had time.
I'm going to tell a story that happened, oh, about two and a half months ago.
The date was August 21st, 2009. Celeste and Megan, who had previously lived four hours away from each other, but were friends nonetheless, planned to meet in the late morning at the clubhouse to check into their new apartment. After filling out enormous amounts of paperwork, they were finally given the keys to their apartment, and ran up to see it. They were full of joy and love to see that it looked like all the other apartments in the complex. After cleaning it up a little, the two of them started to unpack. A while later, another girl showed up. Her name was Lindsay. Megan had found out that she and Lindsay had been in a Math 1010 class the year before. A few hours after that, another girl showed up. This one's name was, and still is, Laura. She kept to herself a lot, which led Celeste and Megan to think that she hated them--which you will find out later in the story is certainly not true. A few days later, Kelsey showed up, and we helped her move all of her stuff into the right apartment, because the management had put her in the wrong apartment before she went home. You see, Kelsey had moved in a few weeks before everyone, but went home the weekend everyone moved in. So we didn't meet her until later. Well, things were awkward. Everyone was a little shy about meeting new roommates. We eventually got used to each other, but not fully comfortable with the idea that we were all living with people we didn't know. Then one night, someone had the idea of having a sleep over. We got two matresses and laid them on the floor in the living room, and watching the movie Sleep Over. Megan suggested that everyone should start farting in front of each other, because she was tired of holding them in to avoid the awkward moment that would follow. So Kelsey ripped them all night, and Megan was pleased. From then on, we've been pretty dang good friends. Our neighbors who live below us always tell us of how it sounds like we're wrestling, because apparently we make loud noises every night. We also cheer for those who walk through our front door, and call each other "brat" and "poopy head" in obnoxious voices. This is how we are. Hugs to you.


Saturday, October 17, 2009


Tonight (well, just under five minutes ago), our roommate, Kelsey, fell off her stool. This is how it went:

BOOM! Crasssssh! POW. Hi-yah! Slap!
Kelsey: Ow! Hahaha.
Me: What in the heck happened?! *walks into kitchen to find Kelsey lying on the floor* HAHAHA.
Kelsey: I fell off my stool!
Me: Don't move! *runs to get camera*


Sunday, October 11, 2009

2nd post.

one thing everyone knows about me is that i do not have any personal space. i'm kind of handicapped in a lot of ways. i can't walk straight and i can't sit up straight. today in Sacrament, i was sitting by Megan and of course i don't have any personal space and i am a leaner. and i leaned on Megan the whole time. and she LOVED it. and didn't want me to stop. and then i took a nap on her shoulder and I twitched the whole time. :) and that was my experience of church.

-Laura R

I posted first!!!

#1: Celeste, we miss you. Come home.

#2: Remember that one time I took Matt's spot at church? That was awkward. I moved in between Kelsey and Megan to make room for Kelsey's beaux. I barely had enough space to breathe so after sacrament I awkwardly moved to a different bench. 10 nerd points for me.